Turkey Burgers: A Quick & Easy Lunch Option

I was never big into turkey burgers. Regular greasy cheeseburgers? Yes. But unfortunately those don't really help with the whole "trying to get shredded" thing.  When I was shopping a few weeks ago I bought a package of turkey burgers because I wanted to try something new. I stumbled onto something great.  You can heat... Continue Reading →

The Badass Body Diet by Christmas Abbott

If you are a CrossFitter you know the name Christmas Abbott. She is a former Nascar Pit Crew and CrossFit Games athlete turned motivational speaker and all around badass. And her body is AMAZING- completely shredded. Of course her abs on the cover of the book are enough to make people want to buy it. Christmas... Continue Reading →

Meal Prep Recipe: Turkey Chili

Quick, easy and delicious, you will love my turkey chili. It is packed with protein and will keep you full for hours on end. I like to have it for lunch so I'm not hungry at all until dinnertime. Cook time: About 30/35 minutes Makes about 4 or 5 servings (depending upon how hungry you... Continue Reading →

Why I Need Cheat Meals

I wish I was one of those people who was blessed with thinking that desserts are "too sugary" or that they "can't handle too many sweets". I can easily DESTROY an entire assortment of chocolates in one sitting. I LOVE unhealthy food. But you know what I don't love? Being unhealthy, gaining weight and the physical... Continue Reading →

Meal Prep Recipe: Taco Bowls

Salsa is my best friend when I am being strict with my diet. Because of that I love this recipe for a taco bowl. I don't have exact measurements for this because I kind of took different parts from different recipes and made my own amateur recipe but I'll guesstimate how much of each ingredient... Continue Reading →

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