Get Back on the Horse!

If you are dedicated to health and fitness you might agree that the exercise portion is the easy part... the diet is the hard part. I can go to the gym for hours and thoroughly enjoy myself but you know what I don't enjoy? Getting a turkey burger with no bun while everyone else chomps... Continue Reading →


Stick With It.

It's so hard sometimes to stick with something after a while. You go through phases of extreme motivation then there's those days you just want to be a fatty and binge Netflix and eat your weight in Lays sour cream and onion potato chips (I could eat about 5 bags to be honest). You have... Continue Reading →

The Days That Matter Most

You're tired. You're sore. You are so stressed. You have a busy week ahead of you. You've had to work overtime. You barely have time. You are so busy, it is the last thing that you should be doing with your time. You aren't motivated. You don't feel like it. These are the days that... Continue Reading →

Thunder Thighs.

I have ALWAYS been self conscious about my legs. They have always been big and it bothered me from childhood until I was 20. I came out of the womb with big ole thighs. Pants never fit right ("skinny jeans" are just referred to as jeans when I wear them) and I'd have to buy two sizes... Continue Reading →

The Badass Body Diet by Christmas Abbott

If you are a CrossFitter you know the name Christmas Abbott. She is a former Nascar Pit Crew and CrossFit Games athlete turned motivational speaker and all around badass. And her body is AMAZING- completely shredded. Of course her abs on the cover of the book are enough to make people want to buy it. Christmas... Continue Reading →

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