Cheat Day: Cupcake Down South

I recently relocated to Charleston, South Carolina and one of the restaurants in the area I was dying to try was Cupcake Down South located in downtown Charleston on King Street.  I was not disappointed! The cupcakes were absolutely amazing and not too pricey either.  There is a cute place to eat inside and they... Continue Reading →


Humble Brag: My Valentine’s Day Dinner Was Off The Chain

So I'm not one to brag... but this year I cooked dinner for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day (very delayed post I know) and I went above and beyond with the Valentine theme and needed to share. It was a few course meal that only took me a few hours to make. To start: A... Continue Reading →

Why I Need Cheat Meals

I wish I was one of those people who was blessed with thinking that desserts are "too sugary" or that they "can't handle too many sweets". I can easily DESTROY an entire assortment of chocolates in one sitting. I LOVE unhealthy food. But you know what I don't love? Being unhealthy, gaining weight and the physical... Continue Reading →

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