We All Have The Same 24 Hours In A Day.

Recently I started a new job and it has completely flipped my schedule upside down. I work odd hours and weekends. This has completely thrown a wrench in my workout schedule as well. I was used to going to the gym at 4:30 pm everyday at a peak hour that I felt ready to workout with a group of people that pushed me hard in workouts. Now that is no longer an option.

For the first few weeks I was falling off track with my gym schedule because I was failing to adjust. I wasn’t organized about my schedule and found myself skipping the gym (which I NEVER do). I was starting to become one of those people who are “too busy to workout”… then I gave myself a reality check.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How we use those 24 hours is up to us. How we work fitness into our schedule is up to us. People I see at the gym that are “body goals” balance all the same things I do: work, family, friends, etc. Yet there they are consistently going to the gym because they prioritize their fitness and work it into their schedules however they need to. Plan out your week beforehand so that you know when you are going to be working out. There is literally no excuse not to get yourself moving and active each and everyday no matter your schedule.

If you work morning shifts, go to the gym at night. If you work night shifts, go to the gym in the morning. If you work a normal schedule- perfect go before or after work. If you can’t go before or after work then go on a run during your lunch break. If you can’t do that then look up some at home workouts to do right before you go to bed at night or right when you wake up in the morning. THERE IS ALWAYS AN OPTION.

Don’t become one of those people who get “too busy” to take care of themselves and do right by their body. I understand how hard it is sometimes but instead of giving up you need to reassess and readjust.

If fitness is a priority in your life you will never be too busy. If it is not a priority then you will always be too busy. Hold yourself accountable. You have worked hard enough to get where you are now, don’t get in your own way!


Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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