Let’s Talk Halo Top Ice Cream…

Ok first off, I am not a nutritionist nor will I ever pretend to be. In a different life I would have realized that I wanted to be a nutrition or food sciences major before college instead of after, but that is besides the point.

I want to talk about Halo Top Ice Cream. Unless you live under a rock you know that Halo Top Ice cream is protein ice cream that is supposed to fit into your macros. They even boast “save the bowl, you’ll want the whole pint”… which really is the struggle of my life with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

So I started to buy Halo Top instead of regular ice cream because I constantly crave sweets after dinner. The chocolate peanut butter is my favorite and I love it. I have a 1/4 of a pint every night because there are 4 servings per pint. While this has definitely helped me to break away from eating regular ice cream or dessert, I find myself wondering if this is actually as good for me as they claim.

Is Halo Top actually good for you?

This is why I preface this with the fact that I am not a registered dietitian or a nutritionist, because I’m not going to pretend I know the answer like most people do on the internet. But however I can share with you articles that I have read written by people more qualified than I.


This article from EatThis.com asked Tanya Zuckerbrot MS, RD, a Registered Dietitian in New York City for her list of 20 dessert substitutes and #1 on her list was Halo Top. Zuckerbrot supports Halo Top because it is low in sugar and calories, high in protein, made with all natural ingredients. She did not, however, encourage people to eat the entire pint.


This ConsumerReports.com article expands a little further. Written by a former scientist, expands on the ingredients in Halo Top and to sum it up: if you want to eat Halo Top, don’t finish the whole pint. It’s obviously not going to help you lose weight polishing off an entire pint of ice cream whether it’s a healthier alternative or regular ice cream. However if you choose to have 1/4 of the pint, as per the serving size on the back, then this will not throw your diet off track.

Bottom line is: Halo Top is a healthier alternative to ice cream. If your diet allows the amount of sugar, it shouldn’t throw you off track. However, do not sit down and polish off the whole pint (easier said than done). I personally eat the designated serving amount every night and love life. 🙂





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