Thunder Thighs.

I have ALWAYS been self conscious about my legs. They have always been big and it bothered me from childhood until I was 20. I came out of the womb with big ole thighs. Pants never fit right (“skinny jeans” are just referred to as jeans when I wear them) and I’d have to buy two sizes too big in the legs to accommodate my large hams for legs (that was how I described them).

Flash forward to when I started CrossFit about 4 years ago. I saw all the girls in the gym and they were jacked. I wanted their toned arms and strong backs so badly. I finally dedicated myself to it and the first place I started to notice any changes was…. my legs.

To say I was put off by it is an understatement. I thought, “So you’re telling me I worked my ass off for two months and the only difference I saw was that my legs got even BIGGER?” They were going to keep growing until I had two elephant legs. Why couldn’t I get toned biceps instead of giants legs?

Then I started to notice muscle definition in my quads.  It was like a switch, one day I hated how big my legs were getting and the next I was slowly appreciating how my quad muscles sort of popped. Over time I liked it more and more. I noticed the harder I worked the better my muscles in my legs started to look. Then my arms started to become more defined. Soon muscles spread all over my body and I started noticing them everywhere. I was hooked.

And this is why fitness has such a positive impact on women. Because of CrossFit I suddenly became PROUD of the thing that I was the most self conscious about. It made me realize that yes my legs are big but they are MACHINES. Work out with me for an hour and you’ll see just how much these “giant hams” can do. Squat with me and you’ll understand why I’m proud of my “thunder thighs”. These big legs power me to run, jump, squat, and perform constantly varied movements. We don’t focus on all of the things our bodies are capable of, instead choosing to focus only on the flaws.

My legs went from my least favorite thing about me to my favorite. I love my muscular legs and show them off whenever I can. It’s like a walking trophy of my dedication and hard work.

When we start to realize just how powerful our bodies are, we start to appreciate them not only for how they look, but for what they allow us to do. That strength and power becomes beautiful to us. Strength is beautiful!




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