The Badass Body Diet by Christmas Abbott

If you are a CrossFitter you know the name Christmas Abbott. She is a former Nascar Pit Crew and CrossFit Games athlete turned motivational speaker and all around badass. And her body is AMAZING- completely shredded. Of course her abs on the cover of the book are enough to make people want to buy it.

Christmas breaks down how and when to eat throughout the day. While most meal plans are generic, she goes a step above and has specific meal plans for different types of people. If you are trying to bulk, cut or maintain, she has plans for you.

She also created her own style of counting macros. She calls them bricks. In each break there are certain amounts of protein, carbs and healthy fats. Yes I said Healthy Fats. She is big on them.

This meal plan never leaves you hungry because you are constantly eating small meals as opposed to three large meals. With her plan you eat 6 times a day, 3 meals and 3 snacks. A huge part of weight loss that we often forget is that it is almost equally as important when we eat vs what we eat.

Once you see success with your diet, she has tips to make sure that you never plateau and are constantly variating what you are eating.

Take it from someone who followed this religiously- it works. I was always struggling with my diet and figuring out what worked for me and my body. I ate what I thought was healthy and didn’t see results. It is frustrating because all of our bodies are different and this was one of the first meal plans that worked for me.

Once I started following this plan I saw huge results and it jump started my weight loss. It was very easy to follow and stay on track, even with the occasional cheat meal. It definitely supports a CrossFit lifestyle because she makes sure that you are pumped with protein and high energy foods so that you are ready to crush your workouts.

If you need some help with your diet and if you want some workout tips as well I definitely recommend this book (she even has a section all about getting a fabulous booty and some exercises you can do to round that posterior).

And if you have any questions after reading her book, please ask! I would love try to help. Post any questions in the comments.




3 thoughts on “The Badass Body Diet by Christmas Abbott

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  1. I tried it. Love the concept. I kept getting tripped up when I tried to make a meal of 3-4 bricks. I managed to screw it up every time.

    But I agree the method works I try to use her method for snacks. 1 brick is all I can calculate lol


  2. Love this book and Christmas! She’s big a huge inspiration to me in my fitness journey. I think that counting bricks is a lot less demanding than trying to count macros. I did her Oxygen challenge too which related back to the book- let me know if you have any interest in checking out some of the workouts. I had a great experience. Great post!


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