Everything Happens for a Reason.


No matter what the situation or the reason, it sucks. No one wants to hear “you aren’t good enough”. Unfortunately it is impossible to go through life without feeling rejection.

Maybe you didn’t get the job you really wanted or didn’t get picked for a big promotion at work that you felt you deserved. Maybe you didn’t get accepted into your number one choice for college or grad school. Maybe the guy or girl that you really like didn’t return the feeling.

When feeling rejection, most people look inward for the source of the rejection. They blame themselves. It makes us feel like we aren’t worthy or that we weren’t intelligent enough, funny enough, pretty enough, the list goes on and on.

Something we often forget in these moments is that rejection happens for a reason.

If you didn’t get whatever it was that you wanted, then it wasn’t meant for you. It is not part of your path and you need to let it go. In my own life I have already learned that when one door closes it is because another door you didn’t even know about is going to open. And what is behind that other door is so much better than anything you had imagined.

Good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Maybe that guy you really liked wasn’t that into you so that you could meet your future husband a few weeks later at a party. Maybe you didn’t get that new job because an even better position was coming along. Maybe you didn’t get into that school because you were meant to go to a different school and meet people there whose lives you will change for the better. We don’t know these things until these doors are closed.

Life does not happen according to our plans. It is frustrating as hell sometimes but often times the plans we have for our lives are not what is meant for us.

Next time one of life’s doors is slammed in your face, remember that it is because another door is about to swing wide open and the outcome will be amazing.



Image courtesy of tuelekza at http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/


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