Adopting a Dog is not a Temporary Thing. 

Animal shelters all over the country post constantly about dogs and puppies that have been surrendered by their owners because they “can’t handle it” or they are “moving and their new place does not allow dogs” or they just “were not ready”. 


I have some simple solutions for you. If you are moving and your new apartment complex, townhouse or house you are renting does not allow dogs… LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE. 

There are plenty of places to live that will allow dogs because most places know that sane, kind and loving dog parents will not move anywhere without their dogs. When I was moving yes it was harder to find a place that allowed me to have my dog but there was no other option. 

I would actually get offended when people would ask, “So are you taking your dog when you move?”… my response should have been, “oh so if you were moving somewhere that didn’t allow children would you leave your child behind?”. Ummmm yes considering he is my actual heart and soul yes I will be taking him. 

There are also the dogs that finally get adopted out of a shelter and find a new home with a loving parent and everything they have ever dreamed of… then gets brought back to the shelter because the idiot who adopted them just “isn’t ready for that responsibility”.


Oh you poor thing you thought being entirely responsible for another life besides your own would be easy? You actually have to come home every four hours to let your dog out? You actually have to get up in the morning and take your dog on a ten minute walk around the neighborhood? I feel so sorry for you. 

Wait, just kidding you know who I feel sorry for? The confused dog who thought you loved them that now is brought back to the shelter to readjust to a completely different life. They “weren’t ready” for you to be their lousy owner but they loved you all the same and they didn’t have a choice, you did. Don’t adopt a dog if you aren’t ready to be responsible, it is not the kind of thing that you can half commit to. This dog depends on you for everything. Seriously take a while to think if you are ready or not for a dog or if your lifestyle can handle a dog in it so we can avoid these dogs being “returned” like an ugly sweater your Aunt got you on Christmas. 

As always my committed dog parents you rock, keep on showing the world how amazing it is to have dog children. For the non committed dog parents who change their minds a year after adopting a sweet innocent animal and return them to a shelter… you suck. 


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