10 Things to do Instead of Having a Mental Breakdown

It’s Monday morning and you woke up already wanting to take a nap. Work is hell and everything is going wrong. You’re two seconds away from having a mental breakdown.

We have all been in this situation where life is giving us a little more than we can handle. Instead of pulling your own hair out try something on this list of healthy alternatives.

  1. Adult coloring. It was therapeutic when we were kids and it still is.
  2. Work out. This keeps me from wanting to kill people on daily basis.
  3. Take your dog on a walk. Your dog gets exercise, you get exercise. Who knows, maybe your dog was having a terrible stressful day too laying down and doing nothing.
  4. Have a glass of wine. Take that bottle away from your face and be classy and pour yourself a small glass. Just one might make you feel a little better. A whole bottle will lead to bad decisions.
  5. Meditate. You may not be about the meditation life but once you try it you will realize how effective this method is for reducing stress.
  6. Blast Disney music and sing until your throat feels like it might bleed. This is very specific but it works people.
  7. Lay in a hammock. Relaxing in nature helps soothe the soul.
  8. Cook something. Cooking can be shockingly calming and then the best part… you get to eat what you cook!
  9. Take a bath. You splurge on those fancy bath bombs and light some candles. Treat yo self.
  10. Read a book. Get lost in a story for a little while. When you come back to reality you might have a clearer head.

Most importantly, remind yourself that stressing out does nothing to improve your situation. Do some fun things to get your mind off of the stressors in your life.



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