Book Review: The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer



I already love Amy Schumer but guess who loves her 10x more after reading her book? THIS GIRL.

At one point I was reading this on a train to New York City and started laughing out loud and looked like a crazy girl on the train (pun intended- that is a book review for another time).

In this book, Amy explains her rise to stardom and backtracks to her childhood to explain how she became the superstar comedian she is today. She is bold. She is fearless. And as usual she is hilarious.

She goes so far as to even include excerpts from her diaries growing up and her commentary.

Amy Schumer has inspired me to share a Shakespearean-like poem from my diary when I was 8. 

It is absolutely hilarious and it showcases one of Amy’s best qualities… that she can laugh at herself.

Amy also gets serious about family issues that she dealt with growing up that so many of us can relate to and an abusive relationship that she dealt with in her early 20’s. She explains the painful things that she went through that made her strong enough to deal with haters and people who try to bring her down.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who can use a laugh and who can use a little pep talk about just how amazing you are and that there is only one you.

Great job Amy, you’re still the number 1 person on my list if I could get pizza and a beer with anyone. (I’m writing like she’s going to read this and actually ask me to go get pizza and a beer because #goals)


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