Struggles Only Chicks Who Lift Will Know

If you are a girl who loves to lift you will completely understand this list of first world problems.

  1. Finding clothes that fit becomes near impossible. 

Sure you love the gains but when you are in the dressing room struggling to pull a             shirt over your newly massive shoulders and hear that dreaded RIP sound… or when             you find a pair of jeans that finally fits your quads but then fit like a hula hoop                          around your waist… But you don’t regret the gains for a minute.

2. You learn to love having traps. 

I can remember before I started lifting doing those beachbody workout videos and                  listening to the fit little mamas saying “Relax your neck! No one wants a big neck!”.              I was paranoid of getting a big neck once I started lifting. Then one day BOOM one                  day one of my guy friends at the gym said “Damn your traps are HUGE!”. I was                        scared shitless of suddenly having a huge neck. Now I think traps are sexy and I love              them! Girls with traps look the best in tank tops. And how the hell are you supposed              to relax your neck the whole time you lift anyways? Shut up workout video lady.

3. People are often grossed out by your hands. 

It’s no secret that a barbell can rip up your hands. And doing pull ups on a taped                      bar? Forget about it. My hands are in a permanent state of falling apart. If they a                     aren’t ripped, they are just calloused and hard. Not something people expect for a                   girl’s hands. You get used to avoiding shaking people’s hands at all costs when you               are recovering from a rip. The good thing though: if you date a guy who lifts he                         won’t care if your hands are destroyed because his will be the same and you can have             gross hands together 🙂

      4. You get extremely frustrated with your friends who go to the gym and ride the               elliptical machine for 30 minutes and leave then complain about their lack of                     results. 

Most girls are under the impression that lifting will make them huge and to tone                    their bodies up they need to shed more fat by doing cardio. WRONG. And you know                this is wrong therefore you have a hard time biting your tongue when your friends                  who only do cardio complain about not seeing results.

       5. You have a love/ hate relationship with squats. 

When you are in the middle of a squat cycle and you can barely walk up the stairs or               sit down on the toilet you silently wonder, “Why am I doing this to                                               myself?”… then you notice those booty gains. Then suddenly you’re like “ok ok I                   remember why”.

6. You only buy and wear workout clothes. 

Anytime you see someone out at the grocery store or when you are grabbing coffee                 they ask, “Oh did you just come from the gym?”… meanwhile it’s your rest day and               you’ve been forcing yourself not to go there the entire day. For some reason your                  everyday wardrobe has slowly become, “Ready to Kick Your Ass in a Race” and                          you’re okay with that. And most of the time you just lie and say that you came from              the gym because you are too lazy to explain that these are your new Lulu Lemon                      pants and you are rocking them rest day or not.

      7. When you actually want to wear cute clothes you have none. 

Girls night out and all of your friends have cute AF rompers and scandalous tops and              you have… nothing besides workout tops and running pants. Same 1 cute outfit you              own that you wore out two weeks ago? Okay!

    8. You don’t enjoy drinking anymore because you know that your gym session the             next day will be hell. 

No longer are you the girl who goes out and closes down the bar. You have to be up                the next day to work out. And what is worse than working out hungover you ask?                    Nothing. Nothing is worse. Feeling like you are going to barf at the bottom of a                        squat is a nightmare. And you know what unfortunately destroys gains? Alcohol.

 9. You are only attracted to guys who lift. 

Your taste in men drastically changes when you realize that you are stronger than a               decent amount of the men you know. No girl wants to know that she stands a better               chance in a bar fight than her boyfriend does. And it is something great to have in                 common. Fitness has become such a big part of your life that you need someone                    who values the same things you value and appreciates your gains as much as you do.

10. Don’t even bother doing your hair because you are just going to ruin it at the gym.

For real. Don’t even waste your time for that few hours of having nice hair. It’s not                even worth it.

Regardless of all these struggles, chicks who lift are the best. Their work ethic and confidence is unlike any other.


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