Humble Brag: My Valentine’s Day Dinner Was Off The Chain

So I’m not one to brag… but this year I cooked dinner for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day (very delayed post I know) and I went above and beyond with the Valentine theme and needed to share.

It was a few course meal that only took me a few hours to make.

To start:

A cheeseboard of crackers, grapes and swiss, cheddar and colby jack cheese. BUT WAIT….


I cut every one of these damn little cheeses into the shape of a heart. No I couldn’t find a cookie cutter small enough to do this so yes I cut every single one of these by hand.

I also made a wine spritzer with La Croix Cran- Raspberry sparkling water, red wine and strawberries which I cut up and stuck to the side of the glass.


Next course on the menu were seasoned roasted potatoes. And you guessed it…



I cut every single one of them into a heart too. Just cut them, added olive oil in a bowl and then put them on a pan, seasoned them with basil, salt and pepper and put them in the oven for 20 minutes, flipped them, then cooked for another 15 minutes because Kiril (the bae) likes them crunchy.


After we ate them in 30 seconds it was on the main course. BOOM



This may seem so simple but I am basically dating Joey from “Friends” and pizza is his life so happy was an understatement when my main course came out.

Lastly for dessert I made chocolate covered strawberries- with a twist.


Because who doesn’t want to read how much their girlfriend loves them on their dessert?

He spoils me all year so I wanted to spoil him back for a change 🙂 Comment with any cute things you made for your honey this past Valentine’s Day!



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