Why Valentine’s Day is Awesome Even If You’re Single

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. The time for couples to declare their undying love for each other and romance is in the air. You know what is also in the air? Angry single girls who are radiating hatred.

I am sick and tired of hearing people complain about Valentine’s Day. I was single for 21 years. One year MY DOG was my Valentine… might I mention that was by far the most kisses I have ever gotten on any Valentine’s Day. Besides, most of my socks are single… you don’t hear them complaining about it (side note: I saw that on Pinterest a few years ago and have been waiting to us that line since). If you

And you know what is definitely a great way to attract a mate? Complaining about how single you are and posting about how you are going to die alone. You might as well just book reservations for next year’s date now because Prince Charming just liked your angry Facebook status and he is DM-ing you right now.

Just because you are single doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun Valentine’s Day.One of my favorite parts of Valentine’s Day every year is getting a card and candy from my Dad. A few years ago my friends and I went to brunch and had all you can drink mimosas and ate cute heart shaped foods. We had so much fun and not one of us was complaining about being alone because we weren’t- we were with friends who we love on the day of love.

Valentine’s Day is great because it is an ENTIRE holiday based around candy. And guess what? A box of chocolates tastes the same whether your husband buys them for you, your best friend buys them for you, your mom buys them for you or even if you buy them for yourself.

So even if you are so single it hurts and looking at other couples makes you want to vomit get some heart shaped doughnuts from Dunkin, pour yourself a glass of wine and treat yo self. You deserve it!




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