Things My Dog Does That Amaze Me

Dogs are majestic, beautiful creatures. I was thinking about it today, and here are a few things I thought of that simply amaze me about my dog.

  • img_8553He can take up a whole king size bed (he weighs 35 pounds and stands up to my knee… how is this possible?)


  • He can destroy a shoe in record time. It’s amazing what hard work and determination can do.


  • When he jumps on me like a savage when I get home from work, he reaches incredible heights. I mean really, he stares me right in the eyes while I’m standing straight up sometimes. Future doggy Olympic high jumper? Btw why are dog Olympics not a thing and if they are training begins tomorrow.


  • His farts actually have enough stench to make me gag. I do not have a weak stomach so that is an accomplishment.



  • He possesses this incredible ability to get himself dirty as hell the day after he gets a bath. It’s honestly a talent.


  • When he hoards his toys, no one ever finds them. It’s like a never-ending game of hide and go seek for him and I to play.


  • He only licks himself as loudly as possible right when I’m falling asleep in the complete silence late at night. How courteous of him to save it for the quiet evening when it’s private.


  • Some people struggle to stay up all night, but not him! He can regularly be heard at 3:30 am drinking water like a thirsty camel or playing with squeaky toys that he hoarded under the bed.


  • img_0747 He loves his toys so much that he rips them into shreds in 10 minutes. Having toys that aren’t completely destroyed is overrated.


  • Don’t worry about a cornhole game ever getting boring- he will run back and forth like a psycho each time the bag is thrown and try to steal them! He just wants to make sure you are paying attention.


  • He is kind enough to help me turn my favorite furniture into antiques. Who needs those pointed edges when you can have gnawed off edges instead? It gives it that rustic look.


All sarcasm aside (if you haven’t picked up on it by now you make me sad) the most amazing thing about my dog is that he is the best friend in the whole wide world and makes me smile every single day. And even though most of the time the reason I’m smiling is because he is such a goofball- he is my goofball and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂


Comment with some of the “amazing” things your dogs do!


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