Recipe Link: Tasty’s Cheeseburger Cups

*** Warning: this is not a healthy recipe- do not view if you are counting your macros or working on your summer bod***

I LOVE Tasty’s videos on Facebook. Half of my recipes that I bring to parties are from Tasty videos. So my fantastic boyfriend bought me the Tasty cookbook for Christmas. It was my favorite gift. You can even personalize your book to have recipes that are specific to you. For mine, he made sure included a whole section of their breakfast foods because he knows it’s my favorite meal of the day (I love him).

For the Clemson vs. Alabama game a few weeks ago, aka the national championship game that Clemson won (btw you can read about me being a crazy alumni and going nuts about the victory here) I finally put my Tasty cookbook to good use and made their Cheeseburger Cups because they were the perfect game-time appetizer.



They came out so Tasty! …I’m trying to be punny… it’s not working. The sauce to put over the ground beef for this recipe is so good that I’ve actually cooked chicken in it as well.

Definitely give it a try for a SuperBowl app, here is the link to the full Facebook video by Tasty: Cheeseburger Cups 

Check them out on Facebook for any kind of recipe that you can imagine.


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