How to Keep Yourself Motivated When You Aren’t Hitting PRs 

Any gym rat with tell you that when you hit a personal record (PR) weight in any lift it is one of the BEST feelings in the world. That sense of accomplishment you feel is unlike any other. To see progress and hard work paying off is so incredibly gratifying. 

That being said in everyone’s fitness journey there will come a time when you realize you have not hit a PR in a WHILE. It can be depressing and make you doubt that your hard work is paying off. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder, “Am I not getting any stronger?”. 

Don’t let this period of time get you down! 

When we start CrossFit or lifting it’s a wonderful time because almost every time you come to the gym you hit a PR because you haven’t established your true maxes yet. When you are used to having that gratifying feeling everyday and then all of a sudden it goes away you are left thinking, “WTF happened?”. 

We all go through ups and downs and periods where we pique and feel unsuccessful in our fitness journey. This is a time that shows who is mentally tough and mentally weak. Those who push themselves through this phase will become better athletes and tougher people because these people are strong willed and committed enough to put in the work even without the instant gratification of seeing the results immediately. Your hard work and countless hours put in at the gym are always paying off, you just don’t always have it pay off immediately. 

One option to get out of this standstill is to start a new strength cycle! If you think your squat clean numbers need to go up then do a front squat cycle to develop strong legs so when you catch that barbell in a squat you can stand it up easily. If your snatch numbers are lower than you’d like start a snatch cycle where you focus on all different snatch positioning (high hang, hang, hang power, etc.) to help you get quicker getting under the bar and more comfortable with the movement. If you have the time and the drive to put in more work then get after it! 

Another thing to do is to stop putting so much pressure on yourself and setting your expectations too high. You are doing your best and can only do so much. If you set the bar for yourself way too high then you will only be disappointed. You can’t expect to hit a personal best every time you step foot in the gym. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself (take it from someone who sets her standards for herself a littttttttle too high sometimes). Remember the more you hustle for something the better it is when you accomplish it 😊 


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