Healthy Eating: It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint (Unfortunately)

It’s time for the post-holiday blues. If you are like me you are depressed because the magic of Christmastime is over, it’s cold and you are now about 10 pounds heavier than you were before Thanksgiving. And if you are anything like me it is also SO hard to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon.

When I am good, I am so good. I will have one cheat meal a week and the rest of the time have so much willpower over what I consume throughout the day. But when I am bad, oh I am BAD about my eating. Once I get started eating cookies whenever I want and only being concerned about what tastes good it is extremely difficult to get back into the swing of healthy eating.

I will admit I am riding the struggle bus at the moment with my diet. I am meal prepping for the week and doing well but on the weekends when I see a cheeseburger there is this crazy gravitational pull created by the universe and all of a sudden it ends up in my mouth. It’s frustrating because all my progress during the week is gone- just like that!

But over time I am getting more and more frustrated with carrying around this holiday weight during my workouts and everyday life and it is motivating me to cut back on the greasy and artery clogging foods. As I see results it motivates me to get back into a healthy mindset where it is okay to have slip ups but everything needs to be done in moderation (unfortunately there was no moderation when I housed an entire tin of snickerdoodles but that is neither here nor there).

And a side note: I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but once I am on my nutrition grind and I’m watching what I eat if I eat something unhealthy I feel like CRAP. It can be up to an entire day after I eat something bad that I will feel like absolute garbage. I have spent half of this holiday season with a stomach ache so bad I want to cry a little. That’s how you know your body doesn’t want you to be fueling it with unhealthy foods.

Don’t give up! You may try and fail a few times to get your you know what together and continue on your eating regimen but once you get your bearings and the late night cravings for your favorite Christmas cookies (snickerdoodles) go away you will be happy that you found discipline with your diet again.

And TRUST ME, you will be happy you didn’t completely fall apart after the holidays when you have to put on a bikini this summer (which when you think about it is not all that far away… scary).

I not only wrote this blog post to hopefully motivate someone else who is struggling to get back to their routine but I also wrote it to hold myself accountable to do the same! We are only human but it doesn’t mean we can’t start back up today. You can do it 🙂




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