How to Make 2017 Your Year

First off- happy new year!

Secondly, I’m seeing a lot of lengthy Facebook statuses about how much 2016 sucked and that 2017 will be so different (because one day is apparently going to turn everything around) and it is making me sad. I’m sure some good things must have happened in that entire 365 day span. Focusing on the negative gets us nowhere.

In 2016 for the first time in my life I committed myself to eating healthy and lost a lot of body fat, formed friendships with new people that I now cannot imagine my life without and fell deeply in love (for the first time ever).

I think we should all take time to focus on the positive things we accomplished in the previous year and then look to the future. The beginning of the year is a great time to focus on what is ahead and start with a clean slate and a good attitude. Now is the time for you to try something you’ve never done and make the change that you’ve been wanting to make.

I don’t believe in resolutions (because most of the time they are about losing weight and going to the gym and people often ditch that resolution by February) but I have set a very general, possible goal for myself for 2017, and it is this:

Step outside of your comfort zone. 

Instead of thinking about what can go wrong or being afraid of what people might say or think, my goal is to put fear and doubt aside and just go for it- no matter what it may be.

2017 can be the best year for anyone who comes into it with a positive mindset. Only you can control the fate of 2017, make it the best year of your life.

Also I got a brand new Canon Camera for Christmas so my pictures are about to be a million times better- see 2017 is going great already!



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