Setting Fitness Goals for 2017

I don’t believe in the whole “new year new me” thing. You don’t need a new year to change your life you just need determination and willpower. I do however think that the end of the year is a great time to reflect on your fitness accomplishments from the past year. Take some time to think about how far you’ve come and then it’s time to set some new goals for next year. 

Set little goals for yourself that you would love to accomplish by 2018. Maybe it will be adding 10-20 more pounds to all your lifts, maybe it will be taking 30 seconds off of your 1 mile time or being able to run a whole mile without walking. Whatever it is make a list for yourself and write down some realistic goals you would like to accomplish in 2017. That way you are held accountable and when the year comes to a close you have a list you can cross things off of that you have accomplished. If you are like me then crossing things off of a checklist gives you the same satisfaction as a glass of wine. Euphoric. 

Here is my 2017 goals list for example (keep in mind I’m a Crossfitter so my goals may be different than yours if you go to the regular gym): 


  • Time to get a ring muscle up! Drill ring muscle up progressions and ring dips 
  • Get more comfortable handstand walking- be consistent 
  • Connect bar muscle ups 
  • 5 strict pull ups unbroken 
  • You got the handstand push-ups… now work on them strict 
  • 175 pound snatch 
  • Get more comfortable with split jerks- work on keeping your elbows up 
  • This is the year of butterfly pull ups, incorporate them into workouts 
  • Anytime you feel good go for a PR! You have nothing to lose by going for it 💪🏼 
  • More positive self talk- you’ve come a long way don’t forget it 

If you have any fitness goals share them with me! Telling someone else can also help to hold you accountable 😊 cheers to 2017! 🍾


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