Why We Need To STOP Rushing Into Adulting

I just turned 23 in August. As much as I want to consider myself an adult when someone expects me to understand how to do taxes or how a pension works I immediately realize that I am not as much of an adult as I think I am.

Suddenly one day everyone expected me to be an adult and to have all my s*** together. Now people ask “oh where are you working?” “Is that what you want to do for the rest of your life?” “Oh you have a boyfriend? Do you think you’ll get married?” … IT NEEDS TO STOP.

Your early 20’s are some serious soul searching years. You are trying to figure your professional life out for the first time while also trying to figure out how to live on your own and have a social life and not go broke. That is some SERIOUS pressure for a young adult.

Sometimes I compare myself to my friends to see where they’re at in their journey towards adulting. This proves to be no help whatsoever. I have some friends who are engaged and already living with their significant others and are already moving up the corporate ladder. Then I have friends who still get so drunk when they go out that they puke all over themselves. There is no inbetween in your early 20’s.

This is my proposal: society should stop putting so much pressure on us to figure it out at such a young age. Just like any relationship or decision: it shouldn’t be forced and we shouldn’t be rushed into anything. Becoming a responsible adult is a process and we are slowly learning. Go easy on us. Please. We beg you.




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