Christmas Cookie Extravaganza 

One of the BEST parts of the holidays is the day when I cancel all plans and devote my day to Christmas cookie making. Not only do I love getting into the spirit with baking but everyone in my family loves cookie day because they have lots of treats after.

(Can you tell I get a little too into it? This is my cookie making outfit)

My kitchen looks like a bomb hit but I blast the Christmas music and get to baking! I’m all about the classic cookies but always try to make some new things I’ve never tried before.

This year I tried some great recipes!
I searched Pinterest and fell in love with her blog and recipes. This is one of the classic cookies I love! (Someone may have stolen a cookie before I could even take a picture)

One of the new recipes I found online that I tried. They came out amazing and definitely will be in my list of cookies for years to come! Check out this recipe and blog (mine definitely did not come out as good as hers)
These taste just like cake pops from Starbucks! Aka delicious. So easy to make and so easy to eat all of them

If you have any recipes you love to make every year please share! Happy holidays- only a few more days until Christmas 😊


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